Esports Arena (The Ultimate Guide and Toplist 2021)

The Esports arena concept is one of the hottest additions to the esports space going into 2020.

These events have grown too big for small studios and the largest teams and organizations are building their own home stadiums.

Specific locations for various competitions and events are certainly nothing new.

Traditional sports have had their stadiums for decades where they welcome rivals to their home turf.

Going forward having a dedicated space to host events is going to be crucial to keep loyal fans coming back for each upcoming tournament.

We believe a well-known spot on the map is important to attract new visitors.

These second-generation arenas need to provide experience fans can’t get at home. Jumbotrons, assigned seating, and $7 hotdogs aren’t going to cut it with this crowd.

What is an Esports Arena?

More than 380 million fans take in professional video gaming events each year, but most do so without leaving home. Dedicated arenas are here to change the landscape of esports overall.

Why are Arenas important for esports?

Having a dedicated space for esports competitions and events may be crucial for establishing the business. While other venues may be set up for occasional events, the commodities will probably never reach the level of a dedicated space.

How to find the best arena for esports?

Follow along this guide to find the best esports location in your local area. 

This is also a great way to plan your future visit when you are meeting up with friends to watch your team compete in the next tournament.

Our goal with this guide is to support and help arenas to surface and be able to grow their brand in the esports market. 

While also making their location a landmark for locals as well as a tourist in their city in general.

1 UCI Esports Arena - Irvine, California

As part of an educational institution, there is a strict code of conduct and arena rules.

And special requirements for the students because it’s an educational institution.

Great way to inspire potential students.

Area for campus clubs and organizations to host events and meetups. 

Broadcast station complete with professional gear for students to practice all areas of esports production.

“The UCI Esports Arena is the first of its kind on a college campus. We strive to be a home for all UCI gamers and the local community.”

UCI Esports website

2 Esports Stadium - Arlington, Texas

  • The arena is built to be a turnkey solution for any esports event and production.

The venue already has a crowded schedule and there is no shortage of events to attend.

Parties interested in hosting a large event can find a contact form directly on the website to get in contact with the staff.

Esports Stadium is also equipped with a major gaming center complete with gaming consoles and state of the art PC for visitors to rent.

Besides gaming, they also offer merchandise and food, drinks for hungry attendees.

There are even multiple dedicated training rooms for tournament participants, for last-minute strategy practice.

“The largest dedicated esports facility in North America”


3 Blizzard Arena - Los Angeles, CA

  • The venue can host 450 enthusiastic esports fans.

  • Currently the home to the Overwatch League.

  • Blizzard arena is located in Burbank, Los Angeles.

The arena is one of the more professional locations for esports competitions enforcing an extensive list of rules for attendees to take into consideration.

If you are planning to attend one of the game nights be sure to prepare yourself before going inside.

The arena is transformed from an old tv-studio, previously housing large late-night shows.

The venue is therefore well equipped with a guest lounge, an advanced control room for broadcast production.

Blizzard Arena is also serving food and drinks during long game nights, while also offering swag and merchandise shopping for visitors.

“[…]we’re honored to bring the best in Blizzard esports to the same stage that some of the biggest names in entertainment have called home.”

Blizzard Entertainment

4 HyperX Arena Las Vegas, Nevada

The arrival of esports in Las Vegas marks a true testament that competitive gaming is here to stay.

The arena is complete with a public gaming center for an hourly fee and a game-themed food menu.

5 Esports Arena Oakland

  • Oakland is the third location under the franchise.

Opened in 2018 they have a grand ambition to host any event from smaller community gatherings to global esports tournaments.

Oakland is officially the third location in the Esports Arena franchise and the venue is a mind-blowing 16,000 square foot dedicated to gaming competition and events.

6 Esports Arena Santa Ana – Orange County, US

Otherwise known as Esports Arena Orange County is one of the first dedicated stadiums in the world.

The venue is built in a modular fashion and can host events of many different sizes and themes.

7 Gfinity Arena – London, UK

Started as an online gaming service in 2013, Gfinity has since evolved into a full-blown esports platform.



8 Battle Arena – Malaysia

  • Battle Arena claims to be the largest arena for esports in South East Asia
  • The venue can host 400 sitting visitors.

They have worked with some of the largest companies in esports and they have an ambitious goal to improve esports on a large scale.

The Adventory Conclusion

Philadelphia Fusion Stadium was just announced proving there are indeed more arenas on the horizon.

The 3500 seat arena is made by the Comcast to host their Overwatch League team for the season of 2021.

What else the future holds we can only imagine at this point, but people in the business are indeed creative.

The world-renowned soccer team Real Madrid imagines a grand future for esports space with this video.


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