The Esports arena concept is one of the hottest additions to the esports space going into 2022.

These events have grown too big for small studios and the largest teams and organizations are building their own home stadiums.

Specific locations for various competitions and events are certainly nothing new. Traditional sports have had their stadiums for decades where they welcome rivals to their home turf.

Going forward having a dedicated space to host events is going to be crucial to keep loyal fans coming back for each upcoming tournament.

We believe a well-known spot on the map is important to attract new visitors.

These second-generation arenas need to provide experience fans can’t get at home. Jumbotrons, assigned seating, and $7 hotdogs aren’t going to cut it with this crowd.

Esports Arena Guide 2022

What is an Esports Arena?

More than 380 million fans take in professional video gaming events each year, but most do so without leaving home. Dedicated arenas are here to change the landscape of esports overall.

Why are Arenas important for esports?

Having a dedicated space for esports competitions and events may be crucial for establishing the business.
While other venues may be set up for occasional events, the commodities will never reach the level of a dedicated space.

How to find the best arena for esports?

Follow along this guide to find the best esports location in your local area. 
This is also a wonderful way to plan your future visit when you are meeting up with friends to watch your team compete in the next tournament.

Our goal with this guide is to support and help arenas to surface and be able to grow their brand in the esports market. 

While also making their location a landmark for locals as well as a tourist in their city in general.

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Esports Arena Toplist 2022

The Adventory Conclusion

Philadelphia Fusion Stadium was just announced proving there are indeed more arenas on the horizon. The 3500 seat the Comcast makes arena to host their Overwatch League team for the season of 2021.

What else the future holds we can only imagine at this point, but people in the business are indeed creative.

The world-renowned soccer team Real Madrid imagines a grand future for esports space with this video.


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