Best Esports Logo 2021 (The Ultimate Guide)

The industry is booming, teams and organizations have to use the best esports logo and overall branding to stand out.

During our research, we have stumbled upon a lot of dedicated and skilled freelance designers.

As the demand rises, more are aiming to offer the best-looking esports logo for you in 2018.

We are strong believers in the esports industry which makes us happy to see that design and branding has become a practical career.

Not just for businessmen but for people just like ourselves all around the world.

The Adventory Esports Logo Guide

What is an esports logo?

As the esports market gets more and more crowded, having a strong brand is more important than ever.

In the early days of esports, most of the teams ran a slim operation, and their logos were often crafted by someone within the team.

Where to find free esports logo templates?

If you are looking for a cheap alternative there is plenty of free services that offer logo templates that can be used for esports.

Some services cover a broad spectrum of designs and templates but we have seen a few specializing in gaming and esports.

What is an esports logo maker?

We are happy to see the specialised design and branding firms taking notice of the growing esports market.

Why are logos important?

Making an esports logo can be as easy, or as challenging as you chose.

While you can definitely make a dent in history with something you create yourself.

But rather than crafting something in paint, a professional service or person is probably easier (and also more cost-effective).

How to find the best esports logo?

Interestingly enough many up-and-coming teams are embracing the style and design language of traditional sports.

Many logos feature animal faces or historical characters, often drawn in a cartoony-looking style.

Even though this trend mentioned above only seems to be growing, we hope that people around the world will continue to embrace creativity.

We want to see more crazy and original esports team logos going forward.

Below is a comprehensive list of some of the best esports logo maker agencies and services in the industry.


Placeit sells esports logo mockups and templates.

They do not only sell designs to esports businesses although a huge emphasis is put on this particular market.

Placeit put a lot of focus on providing premade logos that potential buyers may customize in their custom esports logo tool.

The tool itself is impressive with a wide variety of design tweaks and customizations.


Wdflat has designs for many markets however a huge focus is put on gaming and the streaming world.

A large emphasis is put on free designs and they have a large selection of graphics.

There are, of course, premium packages for even more advanced layouts.

Wdflat has a lot of streaming bundles including overlays, panels, and banners.

The esports logo section is one of the larger ones with a selection of templates to choose from.

Finally, the pricing appears to be reasonable, not impossible for established and growing streamers and brands.

Creative Grenade esports logo

Creative Grenade is a creative studio specializing in esports and gaming branding.

Their areas of service include logo design, video branding, jersey design along various social media graphics.

Notable clients for Creative Grenade include Lirik and Nadeshot, along with the popular streaming accessories technology company Elgato.

IVGrafix logo design

IVGrafix is a dedicated esports and gaming design studio. They specialize in esports logos, along with website design.

However, they are also able to offer stuff like stream overlays and more based on client requests. Pricing is set using a quote for each upcoming project.

After a contract has been established IVGrafix will send you the first draft within one week. From here you work together until you are happy with the result.

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands has a tool to create custom esports and gaming logos. Supposed to be even more powerful than the templates mentioned above.

They have created a tool to envision your whole brand based on your company name and its history.

You enter your brand name and tell the program some more details about your team.

After answering these simple questions and waiting for a short while you get presented with examples of your future brand.

Premade Designs

Features a powerful search tool for searching on price ranges as well as formats and more Premade Designs is a logo marketplace with a focus on ready-made premium esports logos.

As a result, the service is priced higher than most other similar ones but is far from as expensive compared to hiring an agency to make something from scratch.

Premade Designs also offer retainer packages for ongoing support with graphics for social media and other marketing material. This ongoing partnership is great for ventures ready to go to the next level.

A designer will block out their schedule to be prepared for the fast delivery of desired material. The pricing for these packages revolves around how many pieces of work that is needed on a monthly basis.

The marketplace is open for designers who wish to apply. Once accepted designers may sell their work on the marketplace.

Eventually, veteran designers may be chosen to do custom work for subscribing customers, for instance.

The Adventory Conclusion

In summary, the esports logo market is probably one of the most developed areas within the business.

It goes to show that image and branding are a big part of many sports, not just basketball or football.

Going forward we are looking forward to seeing more artists and professionals continue to experiment with design.

Finally, we would like to see them develop the concept of branding, and be even more creative and push the business forward.


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