Fortnite Stats 2021 (The Best Trackers Reviewed)

Fortnite stats has taken the world with a storm in 2018/19 and the competition is fierce.

Epic Games have dedicated a lot of resources to capture the momentum of the game.

A Fortnite tracker allows you to follow your progress in this cultural phenomenon of a video game.

Tracking your stats in video games is now one of the major reasons people strive to become better.

Adventory Fortnite Tracker Guide

What is a Fortnite tracker?

In order to improve you need to measure your progress.

A Fortnite tracker does just that, it keeps track of your stats and improvements.

We also believe it’s highly requested to be able to track stats on a leaderboard in Fortnite esports.

Comparing your progress to your friends is even more engaging.

Here we have listed the top Fortnite trackers we could find during our research because some services are definitely better than others.

Why are Fortnite stats important?

Most trackers also include an in-depth Fortnite stats section, providing in-depth data on how to improve your gameplay.

In order to climb the ladder, you need a good kill/death ratio, battle royal wins, etc. Usually, some services offer more data than others.

The user experience is also important for these services. We have found a few that are very aesthetically pleasing, while others focus on speed and simplicity.

What is a Fortnite leaderboard?

The Fortnite leaderboards are usually divided into 3 different ladders, based on the game mode.

Solo, Duo, and Squad are quite different from each other in the way the games play out which makes all of this make sense.

During our research, we have found that the leaderboard is not always in sync with each other.

This could, of course, depend on different update intervals or other settings.

We still believe it’s a good idea to test a couple of services before choosing your favorite one.

We find it quite funny that many of the top-ranking players use their Twitch handle for their name.

This shows where the market is heading, and we all the warriors out the good luck!

What is Fortnite esports?

Defining Fortnite esports can be somewhat hard. Ranking high on of the trackers can be really hard.

It is however certainly a way of measuring your progress compared to the competition.

Which Fortnite tracker you chose to use can depend on a variety of factors.

Below is a list of the most popular leaderboards around and we hope you will find your favorite to use!

How To Find The Best Fortnite Tracker?

Partybus Fortnite Tracker

Partybus is a simple yet powerful tool for tracking Fortnite stats and the following leaderboard.

We like that Partybus shows a person’s stats all on one page. Partybus is made by GG Software.

They have also built similar services for Destiny 2 and the now discontinued Paragon (RIP).

Stormshield Fortnite Esports

Stormshield is first a complete platform for tracking all that Fortnite has to offer.

It’s easy to forget that a big part of the franchise is made of PVE.

They also have a Discord app for tracking your Fortnite stats in real-time.


Fortnite Tracker is part of The Tracker Network.

They provide stats and insights for a variety of games.

Since Fortnite is now the most popular game in the world a lot of focus has been put into the service to sway users.

Fortnite Tracker offers both an iOS and Android app for tracking your stats on the go.

Each app is specifically tailored to each game the network covers.

Finally, they also offer a Discord bot for tracking your stats in your voice-chat app of choice.

Fortnite stats (#1)

They have recently added leaderboards to their service which is a welcomed addition.

They are also using a method to show verified players (usually streamers and pro players), so visitors more easily can track their favorite players.

On their leaderboards, they rank players using K/D, Kills, Wins, Matches, and Win rate %.

Fortnite stats (#2)

Interestingly enough this tracker has the same branding as the one mentioned above.

In addition to the similarities in the URLs, Fortnitestats(.com)’s front page looks similar to an expanding list.

We find it a bit annoying that the leaderboards are expanding indefinitely to make it hard to read the information presented at the bottom.

To differentiate themselves they even have a Google Chrome extension for users to install.

Stats-Fortnite Tracker

It appears Stats-Fortnite has recently downsized its organization.

It’s hard to tell if they are actively working on the site at all or just parts of the service.

Fortnite Scout

Fortnite Scout offers a Twitch extension so you can show your progress right on your stream.

We think the app is good-looking, check this app out if you have your own channel on Twitch.

They have also recently launched their iOS app for download in the App Store.


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