Best LoL Coaching 2020 (The Ultimate Guide)

The competition in League is fierce and it’s crucial to take advantage of what LoL coaching has to offer.

Having a good LoL build for your champions is the most important aspect of climbing the ladder. It is popular to copy the best esports pro’s favorite builds.

The proven skills and support from pros usually make the Lol builds very versatile.

You can customize all the champions in League of Legends to your playstyle.

The idea is to fit in with your team.

Having the right LoL coach can make or break the performance in any situation.

The Ultimate LoL Coaching Guide

What is LoL coaching?

LOL coaching is a popular way for ambitious League players to improve their skills.

Hiring a LOL coach could change your future as a player, and maybe the best way to reach the pro tier today.

What is a LOL VOD review?

An LoL VOD is an important tool to analyze your own and your team’s performance.

Vods can also help with tracking tactics and strategies used by upcoming opponents.

It is a recording of games played in the Summoner’s Rift, or “video on demand”.

You can watch these raw VOD’s inside the League client. Another option is to watch someone else’s recording of a VOD and their analysis.

Why is LOL coaching important

Some stages of the LoL coaching are often be managed by just watching the VODs.

Services like League Coaching offers a dedicated section on their website for finding VOD reviewers.

How to find the best LoL coaches

There are services available online that acts as a platform for LoL coaching.

We are happy to see such an amazing amount of users across different services.

As we are huge fans of people making a career out of their passion this is very close to our hearts.

Below you will learn how to find the best LOL coaching service for you.

League Coaching

With 87,642 students and 29,293 coaches registered on the platform, it is safe to say the demand for this service is huge.

Each coach needs to be verified to offer their services. Each coach is allowed to choose 1 or 2 roles and up to 5 champions, no more.

Verified coaches will display their current rating, along with some basic information about their specialty champions and roles.

All the available coaches can then be browsed by users to find a perfect match. Scheduling and payments are usually handled by the service provider.

eGG-one School LoL coaching

eGG-one School offers coaching services in a variety of games. Among them, LoL looks to be one of their most popular games. We can really appreciate all the instructional material on the site.

They have guides for improving as a coach, along with some tutorial reading on why LoL coaching could give value for everyone.

They also offer a coach recruiting mission that caught our attention. Here people can recruit coaches and earn a commission based on the coach’s earnings during his or her first month.

Yuwin by LolDuo coaching

Maybe the best looking service we have found so far. They now have around 200 coaches listed.

Gamer Sensei LoL coaching

Gamer Sensei is a platform for improving your gameplay in different esports titles, one of these sections includes LoL coaching.

A feature we think could be really useful is that registered users can select a bundle of lessons and then get matched with specialized coaching in just that area.

They offer a proprietary tool for screen sharing and voice communication during coaching sessions.

While this could potentially a little clunky the first time, having a dedicated channel for communication during consecutive lessons.

Overwolf Vods

Overwolf VOD’s is one of the best ways to find and watch replays for League of Legends.

It’s a client that you can download to your computer. This app gives a lot of benefits, in a variety of games not only League.

League Unleashed

L2P League


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