In this tutorial, we want to show you a brief overview of Adventory’s service and how to get started with your listings.

Account management

Account creation

  1. Click on the Account button in the top right corner to access the login prompt
  2. We use Google authentication for account management.
  3. A safe and validated method to provide a valuable service for everyone.
  4. Make sure to always have 2-way authentication enable on your Google account.
  5. Log in to manage your listings, access bookmarks, comment on guides, and review other listings.


  1. A powerful way to save your favorite ventures for the future is to save bookmarks.
  2. The perfect way to plan your upcoming trip by saving interesting locations in advance.
  3. Add online services for evaluation before committing to a new provider for your own venture.

Review listings

  1. If you have first-hand experience with one of the listings we encourage you to share your thoughts.
  2. Try to be as comprehensive as possible and focus on sharing something of value to others.
  3. Reviews are going to be moderated to keep a high level of discussion.

Claim a listing

  1. If your venture already has a listing you can claim it
  2. Create / login to your account
  3. Access your listing and fill in the contact form
  4. Provide the ID (business email) etc so we can validate ownership
  5. Access your listing from the account page, my listings

Verify your listing

  1. Verify your listing by proving that you are representing the business.
  2. Become a member to fill in extended information.
  3. Important to hand over correct credentials to avoid being banned from the service.
  4. We want to build a healthy relationship with wonderful businesses.
  5. We will happily provide insights into how you’re listing is performing.
  6. And also how you may improve your listing over time.
  7. Use your business email so we can verify you.

Listing management

Add listing

  1. Go to your account my listings and “add listing”
  2. Follow the on-page instructions to choose the appropriate type and category.
  3. When you click submit we will do a quick review of the content before publishing your listing.
  4. Look for the required fields and make sure all info is entered correctly. (Add as much information as possible to aid discovery of your listing)

Listing categories

  1. Place the listing within the right category
  2. Make sure to place your business within the right category, else you may risk losing customers that prefer to filter options then searching ex.
  3. Try to be as specific as possible with the categories, but sometimes it’s necessary to pick a broader one. (Contact us to add a missing category)
  4. Specify if you are not welcoming guests at your location. For instance, if you are selling services at various locations. Provides a service area instead of a specific location.

Listing photos

  1. Listing photos to drive engagement
  2. Feature photos from the venue taken by visitors and staff.
  3. Potential visitors can see how the venue looks from inside and get comfortable with the new space.
  4. It’s also easier to recognize the entrance when they finally arrive in the area.
  5. Listings with photos get 42% more map direction requests, 35% more clicks to the business website compared to listings without photos.

Update your listing

  1. When you make changes to your listing and click apply changes your listing will be going through a quick review before getting published again.
  2. Please keep in mind that approval might not be instant. If you make changes of a time-sensitive nature. Remember to send your edit for approval ahead of time.

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