Twitch Overlay 2019 (The Ultimate Guide and Toplist)

A well crafted Twitch overlay is crucial to grow your channel and to show off your professional brand. While the streaming business grows, the pressure to succeed gets more intense while the competition is fierce.

A well made stream overlay is a huge part of marketing and making it stand out of the crowd. This is one of the best ways to show off your logo, and communicate current information with your audience.

The Ultimate Twitch Overlay Guide

What is a Twitch overlay?

An overlay is also an important tool to tell viewers what’s going on during the broadcast. Are you having a giveaway later on during the day? This is where you can show the countdown timer to hype the crowd. Finally it’s the perfect venue to show gratitude towards your fans. Donations and subscriptions may be shown within the graphics of the overlay, giving more incentives to engage for the audience.

How to make a twitch overlay?

This is a collection of a few stream overlay examples we have collected from streamers we like.

Free Stream Overlay

If you are just starting the streaming career – and you are not sure on how to put your overlay together – a free stream overlay may be a good start. There is less risk attached to this approach but chances are the design won’t be unique.

OBS Overlay Template

Overlays for twitch and other streaming services are images imported into you streaming program of choice, namely OBS. These images will then interact with your visual graphics on the stream. Showing off donations and subscriptions next to its headline.

Twitch Stream Overlay

There is a few different ways to get hold of the perfect twitch overlay. Some solutions are free, while others more premium ones comes with a cost. If you want to be truly unique spending some extra cash on a custom stream overlay can really set your brand apart from the competition.

How to make a custom stream overlay?

Unique stream overlays can be made by artists and graphic designers. This is probably the way to go when you want to be serious about the streaming career.

If you decide to commission an artist you need to be ready to work together to end up with the best possible result. Some artist may be looking for marketing opportunities and give you a good deal on the custom stream overlay, given that you promote their name with your brand. This is probably something that requires a decent audience and some effort in building relationships with skilled graphic designers.

Twitch Overlay Template

This is probably the easiest way to get an overlay for you stream. Just download an image to your computer and edit it with your image editor of choice.

The downside is that there is probably going to be a few out there with the same basic overlay as you. These overlays are also hard to animate. Streamers have upgraded their game in recent years, and it might be recommended to go for the modern, animated ones over a simple template.

What is a stream overlay maker?

These online tools are very simple to use. You choose from a few templates, and insert your channel specific information. After the tools works it’s magic customers may pay a fee, or just download the result. The stream overlay is now ready to be added into the streaming software of choice.

This is done a little different depending on if you use OBS or Xsplit however but it should be easy enough. This procedure is very similar to the stream overlay template method mentioned above. However it’s completely done in a toll inside your browser, eliminating the need for image editing software installed on your computer.

Where can I find the best Twitch Overlay?

We have noticed some brand new overlay streaming software providing built-in stream tools. These tool makes adding graphics and extended functionality super easy.

We don’t expect these software apps to kill OBS and Xsplit soon, but it is certainly a great way for newer streamers to get started. This is the direction we see streaming apps head in. It just makes so much sense to have all the tools necessary for the streaming career to take of inside the software itself.

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Explore The Best Twitch Overlay

  1. Bebo
  2. Streamlabs
  3. Zerging.net
  4. Twitchoverlay
  5. Nerd or Die
  6. Twitch Designs
  7. Ovrstream
  8. Visuals by Impulse
  9. Player.me

1 Bebo

The new kid on the block. Bebo promises improved functionality over traditional streaming apps like OBS and XSplit. In addition they promise superior video quality thanks to cloud computing for the video encoding.

Streamlabs overlays
streamlabs website

2 Streamlabs overlays for Twitch

This is a version of the very popular streaming software called OBS. The team at Streamlabs are working hard to provide tools for all aspects of game streaming.

zerging.net twitch
Zerging website

3 Zerging.net overlays

It is free to get started on Zergin.net. Independant made by BulTV. Partnered with Owned3D.tv for premium overlays. Possible to donate to the creator to support his work, and also support his work using his affiliate links. Game focused, one of the designs that stand out is the one for Path of Exile. Good way to start up your stream and supporting a fellow creator in the process.

twitch overlay and alerts

4 TwitchOverlay

Our next entry has a huge focus on free overlays with an emphasis on his own work on the front page. There is of course also premium packages with an even larger selection of twitch overlays. TwitchOverlay was founded all the way back in 2014 and we can appreciate the social proof from all of the twitter testimonials. Earlier work is showcased in a comprehensive portfolio section. The overlays and designs are made completely from scratch and the style of choice is professional yet minimal. We believe there is a single person in charge of the designs. And compared to other agencies the price is competitive. We also like the fact that the owner has shared a few tutorials on how to setup and brand your stream giving everyone visitor added value.

Nerdordie overlays for twitch
Nerdordie website

5 Nerd or Die Twitch overlays

Nerd or Die provide designs for creators and streamers. The packages come in the form of premium overlays, alerts and widgets. In addition they have an extensive tutorial section on how to brand your stream. Advanced overlay maker for Streamlabs OBS available to subscribers in the form of a Windows 10 app. One of the well established players on the market celebrating 5 years. They also offer free streaming overlay designs to get your started, and they work in all major streaming apps.

twitch designs overlay
Twitch-designs.com website

6 Twitch Designs overlays

Interesting and elaborate sales pitch

All twitch overlays are designed in-house

Focus on games with specific overlays themed after the games styles. Graphics offered make for a complete stream branding package and the cost is around 6-10 bucks for a bundle.

Ovrstream twitch
Ovrstream.com website

7 Ovrstream overlays for Twitch

Ovrstream is an automated motion graphics app for streamers. Pick from a selection of templates and customize it to fit your needs. The app also comes with a 60-day trial and after that the cost is 4.99/month. There is a lot of focus on 3D animated graphics. Start with one from within the app and make it fit your current branding using the tools provided. Setup everything in the app and connect to OBS, Xsplit or Gameshow.

Visuals by impulse stream layouts
Visualsbyimpulse.com website

8 Visuals by Impulse Twitch overlays

Premade designs as well a custom branding made from scratch. Custom design portfolio includes work from Nadeshots streaming package along with Hogman. You can follow Visuals by Impulse when they are designing their work on Twitch which makes a lot of sense. They have a selection of free twitch overlays to get everyone started. VBI is also an artist portal were a curated group of designers can sell their designs using Visuals by Impulse platform. This is an easy way for artists and designers to get started and selling their work without having to run their own ecommerce store. There is also a way for customers to license specific overlays and more in order to fully embrace the work into their branding.

player.me stream graphics

9 Player.me Twitch overlay

Live streaming and recording application for Windows 10. Unique in-game HUD for setting up your complete branding. Twitch overlays work with OBS, Xsplit and Lightstream. Players.me is also a community for creative gamers wanting to connect and browse each other gaming profile. Overlay settings are managed from the dedicated dashboard. Supports Facebook, Twitch, Mixer and Youtube. We find in interesting with new players trying to compete with established solutions like OBS, maybe the social features is what sets Player.me apart.

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Twitch overlay conclusion

Having a well designed overlay for your stream in no longer a luxury for the biggest streamers. With all these sources and designs available everyone who consider to stream on Twitch need one.

There should be a Twitch overlay template for everyone. And if you can’t find anything that suit your branding there are many design agencies and freelancers to contact.


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