High School Esports (The Ultimate Guide 2021)

High School Esports has become an important tool to inspire and attract students.

Many schools have started to embrace this fact and have their own teams and practice facilities.

With more young people staying at home in 2018 than ever before. And the popularity of esports and gaming is only growing.

Finding ways to engage with the student’s interests are crucial to keep their attention.

What Is High School Esports?

It appears even the education system is picking up on the esports trend.

High School Esports can become a major reason when establishing a unique selling point for high schools.

The current programs often do not make any difference between the games under the esports umbrella.

While many of the aspects of different games are the same, different genres and mechanics require different skill sets.

How to find a high School with esports in the curriculum?

Norway and Sweden lead the development of integrating gaming and esports into the curriculum. 

New Zealand and North America is the home of booming high school esports leagues for students to participate in.

Even Great Britain has launched a centralized initiative to embrace young student’s interest in competitive gaming.

What is the future of High School esports?

We do believe that in the future education is being divided between games, or at least genres of games.

Education often focuses on the gameplay itself, with seasoned players as tutors, or coaches during class.

Many schools however are also starting to merge other aspects of athletics such as physical as well as psychological areas.

What is the most popular High School esports game?

Probably the most common game for high schools to pick up is League of Legends.

Since the game has a well established competitive scene, along with the biggest player base of any esports title today.

The game is also easy enough in regards to accessibility, and we can suspect many schools appreciate the mild violence in the game.

Interestingly most high school students are still young, and some titles hold a higher age limit

Do publishers support high school esports?

Riot Games has an education initiative in place to engage high schools and students within sportsmanship and teamwork. 

Even though the program is outside of the school’s weekly schedule, the ambitious students may get guidance from teachers available at the school. 

This space is promoting self-assessment and personal growth with help from extensive teaching materials.

Finding the best High School Esports

We have found more than 10 schools that offers esports education. The high school esports education is usually available as an add-on to either the athletics, or technological curriculum.

These optional courses are sometimes added outside of the regular schedule, and students are required to follow along with the rest of their classmates to stay in the team.

Garnes Vidaregaande Skule

Game they focus on are Dota 2, LoL, CS:GO and SC2. 5 hours of scheduled esports education each week.

Computers will also be accessible outside of ordinary school hours. The school team travels around the country to attend various tournaments.

NTI-Gymnasiet Sundsvall

In the northern parts of Sweden, in a town called Sundsvall we find the first of our esports high schools.

The school is currently offering practice in League of Legends and Hearthstone.

Education involves strategy and gameplay practice. Streaming, esports events and tournament administration.

All practice takes place in what the school calls the eVision, a room setup specifically for the students. Built from the ground up with esports in mind.

Hagströmska Gymnasiet Falun

Esports is part of the athletics offering at the school, and is chosen as well as the standard curriculum.

The school is taking advantage of their knowledge other sports, where professional athletes lead the physical training.

This is also true for strategy education, where students will learn how to apply knowledge from established sports and how to apply it to esports.

The last part is the gameplay itself, and students have the opportunity to play a variety of games over a lot of platforms.

Utbildningscentrum Örkeljunga

Esports education is part of the athletics profile of the school. Because of this there is also a lot of focus on both mental and physical health during studies.

The school offers esports activities two times per week, and students may choose their own gaming gear for performing at their highest potential.

Fria Läroverken Karlstad

Next up is a high school in the deep forests of Sweden. Esports is part of their Power and Energy curriculum on Fria Läroverken Karlstad.

Here students have the opportunity to practice esports one afternoon each week.

Studies include mental as well as physical training, along with gameplay and tactical research. There is not too much information available on what games the school is focusing on.

Ebersteinska Gymnasiet Norrköping

The next high-school on our list is based in Norrköping in Sweden. The esports education is part of the athletics program at the school and the training takes place in the schools practice facilities.

The education is part of the national curriculum where students may choose various other courses based around esports.

Some of the education on esports is outside of the required curriculum and is part of an extended program.

The school offers courses in physical strength, ergonomics, strategy, tactics, ethics, health and nutrition.

It is also important that students can keep up with the required courses as well. No specified games that we could find on the homepage.

Teknikum Växjö high school esports

In the southern parts of Sweden we’ll find the next esports high school on the list. Teknikum in Växjö has a brand new esports program available for students beginning in fall 2017.

The esports profile is part of the Power and Energy program and technology program, and is categorized as part of the athletics education.

The school is proud to call their esports curriculum part of an elite training education. The curriculum is set up in cooperation with Svenska E-sportföringen.

Some parts of the esports courses are outside of the regular schedule, and the school is very serious about the importance of the other parts of the education as well.

And finally the school is focusing on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2 and League of Legends.

Bobergsgymnasiet Ånge

The school is focusing on the 3 primary areas: mental, physical and gameplay.

They have also put a lot of effort into developing a scientific approach to educate the future digital athletes.

For now the game of choice is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and no other game.

This is because the school wants to focus on specific goals and support the students in the best potential way.

Grillska Gymnasiet Örebro

Esports education is part of the Athletics Profile at the Power and Energy Program at Grillska Gymnasiet.

The practice is scheduled 2 times each week, and it’s always lead by seasoned instructors.

Arlandagymnasiet high school esports

The esports education is part of the Athletics Program at Arlandagymnasiet. Part of the profile is outside of regular requirements, and is part of an extended program.

The school offers 3 scheduled classes each week. Outside of the scheduled slots, students are able to practice on their own time between 08:00 and 09:30 every day. There are no specified games in the curriculum.

High school esports conclusion

We find it intriguing to see more and more high schools picking up esports. Now that the first pioneers have tried the concept for a few years we are interested to see who sticks with the concept.


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