Keeping track of the current LoL tier list is essential for mastering the LoL meta.

With League being the largest esports game in the world it is sure a lot going on in the community.

If you want to put together your own profile for your favorite champion, and you do not want to spend hours in-game risking overwriting your saved profiles.

Specialized LoL Builds services solve this problem, and many websites have dedicated their efforts to providing guides for all League champions.

These guides get put together by the administrators. They can also be user-generated using an online build generator.

League of Legends is a popular free-to-play and competitive online game from Riot Games. First introduced in 2009 the game currently has more than 100 million active players.

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The Ultimate Lol Meta Guide

Ranking the champions in League of Legends is a serious business and with every new patch comes a new LoL tier list for each place on the playfield.

League has an extensive list of heroes with so many skills, and it’s a daunting task for the developers to manage the balance between them all.

To navigate the ever-changing landscape there are services and tools dedicated to reading the current meta performance, keeping track of the changes.

lol meta

How to use a League tier list?

Some champions can even move between responsibilities between patches, we have seen a few moves from Mid to Jungle for instance.

The top lane has its own group of champions that suits the play style of this place the best.

Zoning, where the player is attacking to make the rival back off from the tower and seek shelter.

What is the best Jungle tier list?

Everyone who plays LoL has a use for a league tier list, but it’s most important for certain positions during each game.

The jungle is where the team can sneak in a couple of towers when the big battles are elsewhere on the map. It’s so important that the champions used here are good at damaging towers.

This position is the most dynamic, and the place where the meta has changed the most over the years.

In the beginning most played with 2 people in the top lane, leaving the jungle for short adventures. Players realized the potential of having control of the creeps across the map.

What's the current LoL meta?

Another important aspect of the league meta is the free champion rotation, in which champions are now available to every player with an account.

Even if you limit yourself to a specific role within the team, there are still too many to pick.

With so many champions to choose from in the current game, some sort of filtering is usually needed.

What is the free tier list?

Finding the top-tier LoL meta for every patch requires a lot of research.

Analysis of the current metagame, as well as the patch notes, helps with this, and findings get analyzed to the potential meta going forward.

Hence it is often a clever idea to find a resource online with recommendations. These online resources put a lot of effort into going through every detail in the patch notes.

Some websites do this differently, and it is usually a clever idea to find one that resonates with your play style, and it's important the list comes from a serious team.

Why are tier lists important?

The league meta is complex and Riot is working full-time to make LoL enjoyable for everyone.
Since they are balancing the game and its champions the meta has become a game in and of itself.

The meta in League of Legends consists of a team of 5 players. 1 top lane champion, one jungle champion.

Also 1 mid champion, 1 bot lane champion (usually an AD carry), and 1 support champion.

What different tier lists are there?

Also, keep an extra eye on your specific tier list is often recommended. Mid is by some regarding the most challenging place on the map. With a potential threat from other lanes and the enemy jungle, it’s important to communicate.

The bot tier list is also called the carry tier list, or even the AD carry tier list. The champions are usually using Attack Damage to kill enemy champions. Raising towers is also part of the endgame.

The bot lane player is usually matched with a support champion to focus on farming up for the late game. Some champions are always in the top-tier in the rankings, and others are often close to the bottom.

The support list consists of mana heroes, having low damage, and protective skills. These champions keep the team alive by supporting the more offensive carry champions.

Luckily, the worst-performing champions often go through extensive rework.

How to find the best LOL meta guide?

Players need to have extensive knowledge about the complete LoL champion list. There are currently xx champions available in the game today, up from xx since the release.

It is crucial to have full control over the different champions and what roles they fulfil. A support champion will never manage in the jungle; an AD carry alone mid will have a tough time in the early game.

You need to make the best decision during the draft, and successful players often study the roster well before each playing session.

The best way to find out about the current LoL meta is to visit the best websites that cover the topic:

The best LoL meta tier lists

The LoL Meta Conclusion

It is super important to keep track of relevant champions in the LoL meta. While it can be frustrating to get matched against a champion with a superior skill set.

It is, of course, most important to counter champions in the top, and mid lane. This is where you are by yourself and more exposed to champion imbalances.

The next step is to bring all this knowledge to your next lol coaching session.


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