Here you will find out how to get hold of the best esports jersey makers across the universe, and how to support your favorite players with official merchandise.

Because of this teams can no longer grow their fan base by using their self-owned black hoodies during events.

Finally sponsors also often need a place for their logos and brand messages on the clothes for exposure during events.

The Esports Jersey Guide for 2022

What is an esports jersey?

Branding is becoming increasingly important in esports.
Team jerseys are one of the best ways to show off sponsors during tournaments, and it’s a crucial revenue stream for teams.

Why is esports apparel important in 2021?

Esports apparel is an exploding market for gaming and esports-inspired streetwear clothes.
It can be an invaluable source of income for teams and organizations.

How to design a team jersey?

The team jersey you wear during tournaments.
The best place for sponsors to show off their logo.
One of the best ways to show off your team’s brand.
Selling jerseys is a fantastic way for teams to increase their income.

How to make a custom esports jersey?

Many of the established brands in space are also offering custom jerseys.
This is an excellent opportunity for schools and pro teams to build their brand.
Because custom apparel, in general, is such an effective way to show off your brand and your sponsors getting one for your team should be prioritized.

What is a custom esports jersey design?

Usually, design companies use some sort of template, either in the form of an online tool or by providing designs to print out.

After working with the merchandiser to make the perfect design, they will usually give a set of samples for you to try.

Most providers also include the opportunity to open your own team store in a dedicated area of their website.

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The Best Esports Jerseys in 2022

Below you will find a comprehensive list of some of the best jersey brands and services available online.

The Esports Jersey Conclusion

Knowing how important apparel is in traditional sports we can only assume the same applies to the gaming community. This is also one of the more crowded business areas we have seen during our research.

Traditional sports clothing franchises have begun experimenting with esports jerseys and apparel.

We believe the jersey market is one of the most exciting areas withing esports going further. A lot of innovation is about to happen and it’s only getting harder to grow your jersey business in 2022.

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