Best Esports Jersey 2021 (Top 10 Vendors Listed)

Here you will find out how to get hold of the best esports jersey makers across the universe.

And how to grow the wonderful ecosystem while supporting your favorite players with a team jersey.

Because of this teams can no longer grow their fan base by using their self-owned black hoodies during events.

Finally sponsors also often need a place for their logos and brand messages on the clothes for exposure during events.

What is an esports jersey?

Branding is becoming more and more important in esports.

Team jerseys are one of the best ways to show off sponsors during tournaments, and it’s a crucial revenue stream for teams.

Why is esports apparel important in 2021?

Esports apparel is an exploding market for gaming and esports-inspired streetwear clothes.

It can be an invaluable source of income for teams and organizations.

How to design a team jersey?

The team jersey you wear during tournaments.

The best place for sponsors to show off their logo.

One of the best ways to show off your team’s brand.

Selling jerseys is a great way for teams to increase their income.

How to make a custom esports jersey?

Many of the established brands in the space are also offering custom jerseys.

This is a golden opportunity for schools and pro teams to build their brand.

Because custom apparel, in general, are such a good way to show off your brand and your sponsors getting one for your team should be prioritized.

What is a jersey template?

Usually, design companies are using some sort of template, either in the form of an online tool or by providing designs to print out.

After working with the merchandiser to make the perfect design, they will usually give a set of samples for you to try.

Most providers also include the opportunity to open your own team store in a dedicated area of their website.

How To Find The Best Esports Jersey?

Below you will find a comprehensive list of some of the best jersey brands and services available online.

Archon Clothing

We find that Archon Clothing has an interesting focus on College esports and High-School team jerseys.

This is going to be an exploding market in the near future, and we are intrigued by how this is going to impact the business of Archon Clothing.

“Lifestyle clothing for the Gamer and eSports community”

– Archon Clothing

Custom Esports Gear

Custom Esports Gear is a clothing company designing and producing jerseys and gear for esports in the USA.

They also give service to let teams sell their jerseys and esports merchandise on the company’s custom e-commerce store.

Custom Esports Gear also has the largest line of esports merchandise, ranging from console controller grips to large esports team banners.

“The best custom esports jerseys online”

– Custom Esports Gear

Manatee Esports Jersey

Manatee is a Belgian company producing custom jerseys for esports teams. Their focus is on custom jerseys for teams and individuals.

They also offer an extended line of more casual custom jerseys and apparel for teams to sell merchandise to fans.

Manatee has put a high emphasis on serving esports teams with an online store, where the teams can sell their apparel.

Dash Threads

Dash Threads offer jerseys for gamers and teams all over the world. Dash Threads are based out of the United States west coast.

They are currently providing a range of esports teams with jerseys. Most teams are casual teams, but they also have a few pro teams on their list.

Other than jerseys Dash Thread also makes hoodies, jackets, and leggings. You can read more about esports apparel here.

Clash Attire

Clash Attire offers custom-designed jerseys for esports teams.

The design service consists of 3 packages and varying prices.

Included with each package is a design for a variety of merchandise and apparel.

All packages include a space in the store for the team to sell their jerseys to fans.

Finally, they have a store to buy your favorite team’s jersey to show your support.


Raven is a brand focusing on producing esports jerseys for people, teams, and corporations within the gaming market.

I addition they design and sell esports apparel for a variety of areas of gaming.

Raven has a large team of designers to help customers make their most desired layout.


DRKN is a Swedish brand focusing on creating casual gaming apparel.

And they have a close relationship with some of the Swedish esports teams such a Ninjas In Pyjamas, to provide branded esports apparel.

Gamers Apparel

Gamers Apparel sells apparel along with a range of gaming jerseys. They carry many of the biggest team merchandise and apparel.

Gamers Apparel provides some of the famous streamers and pro esports players with customized storefronts.

Finally, they offer custom designs to people who want to make their own clothes.

Meta Threads

Meta Threads is an American brand creating apparel in its headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

Because of their experience Meta Threads currently has some of the biggest collaborations in the esports market.


H4X is a German esports apparel and gaming merchandise brand founded in 2017.

Since they have focused on performance-enhancing gear that breathes and works with the player during intense gaming sessions.

In addition, H4X has a street line with even more casual items, still with a gaming focus.


Akquire is a Canadian brand specializing in modern street clothes.

Lately, they have focused a lot on esports apparel.

And they offer services for esports teams to create their own jersey design.

Finally, Akquire has an affiliate shop where teams can sell their merchandise easily to their fans all over the globe.

The Adventory Conclusion

We believe the jersey market is one of the most exciting areas withing esports going further.

Knowing how important apparel is in traditional sports we can only assume the same applies to the gaming community.

This is also one of the more crowded business areas we have seen during our research.

A lot of innovation is about to happen and it’s only getting harder to grow your jersey business in 2020.


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