Esports Jobs (The Ultimate Guide and Toplist 2020)

Esports jobs and a career in gaming is no longer just a dream thanks to the explosive growth of the business. Companies and ventures get founded all over the globe and they need employees with skills you already have.

A career in esports can take many forms but the first we think about is, of course, being a professional player. Because of this teams and players need a lot of support, even from external companies.

The Ultimate Esports Jobs Guide

How to get into esports?

Marketing and social media is another popular career in esports. The audience is active all over social media, so there is a huge demand for management within these channels. If you want to succeed with your esports venture you need to have a solid presence here.

Event organization is also a major area which requires a lot of specialists. Many of the biggest tournament organizers use a lot of people to travel around and setup stages etc at venues. Alongside more and more other esports events covering a variety of topics, are setup all over the globe.

A lot of jobs goes to people with big networks within the industry. Many companies are just starting off and need people that they know are 100% compatible with their values.

How to become a pro gamer?

Being a pro gamer today is so much more than just delivering on the matchmaking system in your favorite gear. Participating and winning tournaments in today’s competition require hardcore mental abilities, as well as good physics to endure hectic schedules.

On top of that a job in esports as a pro gamer is also a lot about building your brand. A solid fan base and a desired name for sponsors to work with is only going to be more important as the esports jobs market grows. Finally there need to be a lot of effort put into team building, and contracts with the team you play for. 

What is a career in gaming?

A lot of the biggest companies in the gaming industry offer comprehensive career paths. With explosion of interest in esports all the largest gaming companies have an esports division as of today.

What companies are hiring esports fans?

Being on of the biggest game companies globally, who is also deeply involved in the esports business, there is a huge need for Blizzard jobs. Because of this they have a huge career section on their website, and they do most of the recruitment directly using their own tools.

Twitch has grown immensely in recent years, and is now one of the mayor players in the gaming  space. Twitch hire not only esports people, but there is also a high demand for community managers and partner relationship managers.

Who could have thought that Riot would grow into one of the biggest gaming companies in the world. The League of Legends is a total success and Riot needs a lot of employees to take care of the games over 100 million players.

How to find a job esports?

Attend live events and be part of the online communities. After getting to know people in the business it is much easier to connect and get notified when a job opportunity arises. LinkedIn and other job board web services is of course a very good source for finding and getting in touch with companies and recruiters. Here it is important where to look for jobs inside the network. Groups and sub-communities is the best source to actively engage with potential new employers, and candidates.

What are the best esports job services?

Just like in traditional industries there is a growing number of services now that focuses specifically on recruitment within the esports world. Not everyone has a full-time focus on job matching however, but they may also give editorial journalism and other services as well.

The Best Esports Jobs Toplist

  1. Esports Observer Careers
  2. Rekt Jobs
  3. Hitmarker  Esports Jobs
  4. Jobsinesports
  5. LookingForGroup(LFG)
  6. Esports Recruiting
  7. Esport Works

1 Esports Observer Careers

Esports Observer is one of the biggest business journalistic outlets in esports. Their site is one of the goto places for anyone interested in the esports business, it is one of the longest-running job boards in esports. In addition to their editorial content, they also have the Esports Observer Careers section. After starting as a standalone job board it has later been merged into the main page for increased visibility.

2 ReKT Jobs

ReKT Jobs has grown a lot in recent times. Just like Hitmarker Jobs below they are doing a remarkable job boosting career seekers on Twitter. The job board is part of ReKTGlobal, Inc which is an esports agency and production services company. Its esports team Rogue is also owned by this company. And one of the largest investors is none other than Steve Aoki together with the artists known as Imagine Dragons.

hitmarker esports jobs

3 Hitmarker Esports Jobs

Hitmarker Jobs is one of the major players within the job board space and above all, they are playing the Twitter game particularly well. For instance, they are many times promoting job seekers who have turned to Twitter for finding their dream job. We can really appreciate that Hitmarker Jobs has a dedicated section on its service for remote jobs. Something that we would argue is one of the largest growing areas going forward.

jobs in esports

4 Jobs in Esports

Jobs in Esports is a very basic service that lists available job openings in the esports business. Only employers can create an account to post their vacancies, there is no CV or resume administration available for candidates. Jobs in Esports is the job board for the website Dot Esports which is part of the Gamurs network.

5 LookingForGroup(LFG)

LookingForGroup takes a different approach, not listing current vacancies from registered companies. Its services instead aim to provide executive search centered around the esports industry. The owner Joe Hills calls himself the first dedicated executive search consultant in esports. He specializes in helping companies from any market to recruit professionals with knowledge about the esports industry.

6 Esports Recruiting

Esports Recruiting is a platform for high school students to find collegiate esports opportunities. The service aims to help players find scholarships and be recruited to the top programs. They are currently focusing on League of Legends, but other games are on the road map. In its core it’s a tool where players in different high schools can register and track their performance in LoL. In addition to this, there is additional information about the graduation date and current school. From here coaches and others can get in contact with potential candidates.


7 Esport Works

Esportworks is a social platform for esports fans with a focus on your career. Present on the platform there is a job listing page complete with employee profiles and job alerts. At the time of writing this, there is a large selection of job listings from some of the largest companies in esports.


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