Best Twitch Alerts 2021 (The Ultimate Toplist)

Twitch alerts are one of the essential ways to improve your streaming broadcast.

As Twitch continues to grow in popularity, streaming is now the most profitable channel for many content producers.

With this booming market comes great competition and every advantage is crucial to break through the crowd.

What are Twitch alerts?

Twitch alerts are the best way to make your stream more interactive by notifying your audience of important events during the broadcast.

They are visual banners and animations that appear on the channel during certain events. It may happen when someone starts following your channel if someone subscribes, whenever someone donates to the stream.

Alerts may also trigger when someone hosts your channel on their stream, or if someone offers Bits to your collection.

Why are alerts important on Twitch

Everyone with a channel on Twitch can and should use some sort of alerts that trigger when your viewers interact with your stream.

Alerts are a very good way to engage with your viewers and the community during broadcasts. Direct feedback on the stream is really important when interacting with your audience.

As the streaming market is getting more and more crowded it becomes even more important for streamers to stand out, and engage with their fans and community.

How to setup streaming alerts

Setting up alerts on your stream is easier than even in 2020, all you have to do is to register with your favorite service and add the desired features inside OBS or Xsplit.

Many companies have already specialized in providing streamers with extensions offering a variety of functionality. All of this takes place right inside OBS and other streaming applications.

Where to find the best alerts services

Twitch alerts tools can be found all over the internet. We have collected some of the best Twitch alerts services in this guide.

We hope it can be a resource for aspiring content creators to launch their stream to the world.

The Ultimate List of Twitch Alerts

Hexeum.net – Alerts for the curious streamer


Hexeum.net is a service and online store to acquire free and premium stream designs. They offer a range of services and designs in the form of Twitch overlays and animated alerts.

We can truly appreciate their commitment to educational content on their website. These articles are well aligned with their goal to offer designs and support for new streamers and veterans alike.

“Look no further than here for your free twitch overlays.”

– Hexeum.net

Streamlabs – The original source for alerts

streamlabs alerts

Streamlabs is now the biggest service within the stream alerts space. They even coined the term “twitch alerts” when they started their company under the same name.

Streamlabs has since evolved and does now offer a variety of streaming extensions for all different types of content creators.

In this article, Streamlabs CEO describes the process behind their vision to empower streamers on all platforms.

“All-in-one live streaming software”


Muxy – The advanced alerts alternative

muxy stream alerts

Muxy Twitch Alerts is another big player in this market. Streamers can offer sponsors and other interested parties with valuable data. The advanced editor includes tools to customize your alerts with both CSS and HTML5.

In addition to the Twitch extensions for monetization, Muxy puts a heavy focus on analytics. All donations get processed by PayPal and alerts may include text to speech options for added interactivity.

Because of the advanced customization options available at Muxy this is probably a more professional alternative to Streamlabs. You can get really good results if you are familiar with front-end coding.

They also offer something called Muxy Esport Alerts which allows for custom sponsor messages to be broadcasted during the on-screen alerts.

Fortnite streamer Dakotaz is using Muxy, and he has one of the best-looking content in our opinion.



StreamJar – For the focused streamer

streamjar twitch alerts

StreamJar provides alert solutions for Mixer, Twitch and Smash Cast. They are now in beta and the service focuses on twitch alerts for followers, subscribers, and donations.

StreamJar also offers an extended suite of extensions for different types of Twitch, Mixer and Smashcast streamers. However, the Twitch alerts integration is already a big part of their core offering.

“Rainmaker is scaling sponsorships for everyone.”


TipeeeStream – For the versatile streamer

tipeestream twitch

It is possible to set more noticeable alerts for a higher amount of donation, or if someone subscribes using the higher sub tier available on Twitch.

TipeeeStream works with not only Twitch, but also YouTube, Mixer, Smash Cast, and DailyMotion. All of this makes it a good alternative if you intend to stream across different platforms.

TipeeeStream also has deeper integration with Elgato, and specifically its Elgato Stream Deck device. Because 7of this TipeeeStream Twitch alerts might be a good choice if you already have the deck from Elgato.

“The #1 donation tool in Europe since 2015”


StreamElements – Shrouds alerts of choice

streamelements twitch alerts

StreamElements service uses the term Alert Box, and it works as an overlay widget inside their dashboard.

The stream alerts widget allows for a centralized place to tell viewers about new subscribers, followers, tips, hosts and cheers.

Famous StreamElements users include PUBG streamer Shroud, at least for donations during his streams.

“The ultimate streamer platform”


Bebo Twitch Alerts – The revolutionary challenger

Bebo is a brand new streaming experience, said to be revolutionizing the streamer market. The company has integrated all the common functionality requested by streamers, into the streaming application itself.

Bebo is claiming this helps to streamline your streaming workflow, as well as saving the computer’s resources. The streaming app is also supposed to do some of the heavy lifting when composing the video in the cloud.

Streamers can instead focus all of their attention on playing games at the highest quality. Hence making it a good option for new streamers to test out Twitch alerts and other functionality on weaker hardware.

Before investing in a brand new multi-core CPU, and everything else that needs to be upgraded to stream at the highest quality using OBS

The Adventory Conclusion

Keeping reading to learn about one of the most important aspects of a game stream, and don’t hesitate to add your own thoughts to the discussion.

We do believe however that aspiring twitch stream should not only rely on twitch alerts to let know viewers about your fan’s efforts.

Always be sure to make a vocal comment on the stream when one of your esteemed customers take action to support your work.


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